Team Review and Scrum for Team System

Aug 27, 2009 at 10:58 AM


TeamReview looks extremely promising and I would like to implement it in our organization.

We're using the "Scrum for Team System" template (, and I'm a little concerned about if those two add-ons will affect eachother. I've read two other related posts here in this discussion ( and and I think it's safe to assume TeamReview will function together with Scrum for Team System. But how does Scrum for Team System handle this add-on? Did you get any feedback from other users who had problems or issues working with a similar setup?

It would be disaster if this tool breaks our process, so just to be sure: Is it complete safe to use both at the same time?

Thanks. Brilliant piece of work, I'm very impressed.

With kind regards,
Jakob Gade