VS2008 and TFS2008 - tutorial video

Sep 12, 2014 at 10:45 AM

I just downloaded 1.1.3 release and setup with VS2008 and TFS2008. I imported both code item and code review response in TFS2008. I am able to create new code items and assign those to people. I am not able to review it back and assign it to creator.

Can someone share me a tutorial or video for VS2008 and TFS2008 environment?
The one on homepage is not working

Sep 15, 2014 at 7:07 AM
Hi All,

Good News. I am able to configure Team Review and work with it.
I am sharing some tips, observations that shall help other users on this forum to solve similar issue.

My environment - VS2008 and TFS2008 , TeamReview version - 1.1.3

Installation and Configuration -

Extract TeamReview_2008_1_1_3.zip and run setup.exe, this needs to be installed on every box that have VS2008.
This needs to be done by every team member who wants to participate in review process.

Import "code item" i.e. Code Item en.xml , this needs to be done at TFS2008 and performed by TFS Administrator.
Don't use code review response" it’s duplicate and older version of "code item" - it doesn’t add any value also no harm if you imported it
It can be done at command line or using TFS menu (GUI) Tools -> Process editor -> Work Item Types -> import WIT -> (provide xml file path)
Verify this is successful by creating a new workitem "code item", Team Explorer -> Select Project -> Work Items -> Add New Work Item -> Code Item

Code item is a single work item, that can be assigned two types --> Review Request or Review Response, based on context, i.e. what we want to perform.
the code item can be assigned to team members, can be associated with change sets and linked with other code items or work items.

Pre-requisites for review -->
Review happens only for files those are part of some solution, (.sln file) - Review cannot happen for loose files, which are not part of any project/solution.
Review is possible only when the solution is online, i.e. opened in visual studio and connected to TFS server, you cannot perform review in offline mode.
Review does not support shelve sets, coder check-ins changes and reviewer reads it from TFS. there is no offline/private review (on changes those are not in TFS).

Basic review flow -->
  1. Coder create a new work item - "code item" with type "review request" , Assigns to another team member (reviewer) , sets priority, adds description - what he has changed and instructions for reviewer, optionally link with work item (if you use TFS as work tracking tool) , adds reference to changed code, saves the code item. there are various ways to provide code reference, best is to link it with changeset, code snippet is another (we will talk later) and plain text description providing full TFS path of files those coder want to get reviewed.
  2. coder informs reviewer about this new request, this can be simply email, or some TFS alerts or Reviewer himself pickup using team query (Team explorer -> project -> work items -> team query -> My work items) , TFS admins can add new team query that fetches "My Code items"
  3. Reviewer review all the code changes, files, diff with previous revisions etc and prepares review comments. The beauty is he/she can give any number of review comments for a single file and same for all files in the code item raised by coder in step#1,
    How to add review comment every time is -->
    open the solution , changed files in visual studio IDE, make sure solution is online with TFS, get latest revision, then go through the file (browse). Select a code snippet on which reviewer want to post comment. (text selection - code marked in blue) Right click, Team Review -> New code item -> this pops a window to create new code item.
    Now important steps to follow -->
    change the type as "review response" , associate this with code item created by coder in #1 (how this can be done is --> Query From: Public - My work items -> select wok item in step#1) , title --> give a meaningful title like File#1_Comment#1, File#1_Comment#2, File#2_Comment#1 etc, assign this to coder, Add description, suggested resolutions, etc i.e. review comments. save the code items. this is one comment.
    this way give any number of comments link all those to original review request code item create in step#1,
  4. Once done with review, reviewer modifies the status of code item in step#1 and assign it back to coder. and informs him to take a look at review feedback. either by email or TFS work items or coder see it using team query.
  5. Coder want to see/browse through the review feedback. He opens the file in IDE, Visual studio, make sure it is online with TFS. Right click anywhere in the file -> Team Review -> Review Code Item. This opens a new window "Review code items" , Select which feedback you want to see --> Query: Public My work items -> select the code item created in step#1, this will show all review comments associated with this code item. then double click any row to see the feedback, this will populate the description, resolution, comments and highlight the code snippet - if those are okay. make those changes, close all review response code items assigned to coder, even the first one created in step#1, if not consult with reviewer and may be another chain of the review.
  6. Creating code item of type "review request" directly from code snippet --> open the file in IDE, VS is online with TFS, make a code selection, right click -> new code item -> populates window, select type as review request, assign priority / reviewer etc.
Advantages / Benefits --->
very simple, in place, uses existing configuration of VS and TFS, no need of extra tool, integration between Vs, TFS and that tool..

Thanks and Regards,
Amar Kumbhar